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Customer Testimonials

 "Dear Decal FX, I got the the package tuesday and we installed
 everything in about 7 hours. The car is pretty much covered and
 looks amazing. Once the wheels come in we will load it on the
 trailer and have her ready to go. My cell # is ***-***-****. Give
 me a ring when you get to the convention center so we can meet
 and you can check it all out! Anyone going to Sema should come
 see the car in person too. I will be handing out your cards you
 enclosed. One of my guys is ordering stuff tomorrow. Be on the
 lookout and see you at the show."
   Marc - Escondido, CA

 "Guys, Had a local shop do the tints on the headlights and tails
 and they look soooooo sweet!!! I want to do the fogs yellow so I
 will order some tonight. I should be able to put them on myself
 right? Attached are some pics to put on your site if you want.
 I've had a bunch of people ask me where I got the films from. If
 you have any biz cards stick em in my order and I'll get em out.
   Jean - Westbrook, ME

 "Just wanted to say thanks so much! Your service is great and
 it didnt take long to get my graphics that I ordered. I just put
 them on my bike and it was easier than expected. They look great!"
   Will - Melbourne, FL

 "A friend of mine referred your site to me after I saw the decals she
 put on her car. I had to check it out for myself. I had ordered a
 window visor from your site, not only was the shipping fast and your
 prices right, but I watched your video online to make sure I installed
 it right, it was SO easy! You've got a return customer for life. I'm
 emailing to say thank you :)"
   Michele - Cranston, RI

 "Hi there, Just wanted to thank you for my order of my windshield
 decal, it was perfect, fit great and the colors were perfect to
 match my Chevy Blazer, your video was great to watch so we could
 make sure we were gonna do it right... it came so fast in the mail
 I couldn't believe it, so went right out and put it on my blazer,
 since we were working on it at the time it came. Couldn't be any
 more perfect timing than that... thanks so much, I will refer
 people to you for sure! Thanks again, glad i found your web site!"
   Patty - Grafton, MA

 "I just had to write this letter! I ordered the lightning bolt kit
 for my bike earlier this month. Not only did my order come quickly,
 but it was a dead on match with what I was looking for. I ordered
 it in yellow with black outline and that is exactly what I recieved.
 No late delivery, no excuses, and absolutely no hassle. Completely
 professional!!! I cannot begin to tell you some of the problems I
 have had in the past and you guys were my light at the end of a
 very long tunnel. And if that wasn't enough, I had an absolute
 blast putting the kit on. Actually, I ran out of bike and have
 enough decals for another. Installation was easy and I didn't
 notice how much time I spent on it because I was having a good
 time. If only you guys made wallpaper (lol)! Only one problem,
 you gave me only one business card and I would love to be able
 to give out more, but I still give everybody your web address.
 Again thanks and know that you have a customer for as long as
 youre in business."
   Abdul - Severn, Maryland

 "I would just like to let you guys know that I received my graphics
 today. I will be putting them on my car tomorrow. I will send
 pictures once I get them on. I just want to thank you guys. You
 all do awesome work and I will refer all of my friends to you and
 I will also refer back to you guys in the future when I am looking
 for decals and graphics. Thanks again!"
   Jessica - Craigsville, WV

 "Thanks again for hooking me up with this custom airplane graphic
 order for my ride. With everywhere else that I looked, nobody was
 as helpful and quick with their service. Well done. Looking
 forward to getting the kit."
   Eric - Fallon, NV

 "I received my two decals in two days (from MA to MD), I was
 impressed. Even better, my custom image was cleaned up nicely by
 your crew. VERY impressed. I wasn't sure I wanted to order custom
 work online without a preview, but your crew gave me many reasons
 to trust ya'll. Thanks for the great work."
   Joshua - Hagerstown, MD

 "I just want to tell you I received the decal today.. and its more
 than perfect. It looks a lot better than what I had expected. I
 just wanted to let you know that I hope you kept those files on
 your computer, because for sure.. I'll be ordering a lot more..
 thanks.. fast fast shipping too! =D "
   Tung - Honolulu, HI

 "I wanted to let you know my graphics kit came yesterday and it
 looks awesome! I can't wait to put it on. I will take some pics
 with my digital cam as soon as it's all done!"
   Mike - Atlanta, GA

 "I've got to admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about putting
 decals on my car, but when I finally had them on my car I was so
 impressed on how it made my car look. You can bet I'll be making
 more orders in the future!"
   James - Malden, MA

 "We installed the graphics on my son's truck this past Saturday.
 I will send a picture as soon as I can. The whole project only
 took 2 hours start to finish. It was easier than I ever expected.
 We just followed your instructions and took our time. The results
 were great to say the least. Lots of compliments on the originality
 of the design! Thanks for the great product and service."
   Joseph - Boca Raton, FL

 "Your instructions were excellent, and I'm 100% satisfied. The
 reason that I chose to order from your website, as opposed to
 others, was the clear instructions,and the way that your site
 explained everything about vinyl graphics clearly for someone
 like me who has never done this before."
   Vanessa - Harrisburg, PA

 "Just wanted to tell you that I got my windshield vinyl lettering
 today and I think it looks really good. I'll send a picture to you
 once its on. It should be going to a tint shop within the next
 week. Thanks again!"
   Kristin - Warwick, MD

 "It's good to work with a company like yours that actually cares
 about its customers... Every experience I've had with your company
 has been nothing but positive."
   Chris - Montgomery, IL

 "I am very pleased with my decal. The product has met all my
 expectations and exceeded them. Even my business partner had
 complimented your product as well. I also was very pleased with
 the service I received. The initial design of the decal was
 impractical, so instead, you provided me with a most professional
 design. This was extra effort on your part that was greatly
 appreciated, and in which, created a very pleasing decal. Thank
 you for your great product and service!"
   Lindsay - Belton, TX

 "Just put on the stripes today and I have 2 words for you...
 BAD @$$!!!... I pulled into Mc D's and like 15 people were staring
 at my car, most of them being girls, so I think I'm are off to a
 good start huh? ThAnX aLoT! NiCe joB!"
   FeLiX - Wahiawa, HI

 "The decal arrived on time, just like I ordered it, and it was
 easy to apply. Thanks for your follow up message. Just another
 example of your top-notch customer service. All the best!"
   Gary - Athens, NY

 "I enjoy my flames very much. They're a well made product that's
 reasonably priced and also very easy to apply. I was amazed at how
 they made my car draw so much attention. I'll be sending a picture
 of it in the near future. Thanks again."
   Dave - Clarence, NY

 "I got all the stickers in today, they look real good and I think
 I'm going to order more next week. A friend of mine wants some
 done for his website as well (I think he's jealous now) but nice
 work, I'll be in touch."
   Emilio - Burton, OH

 "Your product is great! Most decals I've seen are not readable and
 cluttered looking. Your designs are all very clean! The die cut of
 the decal allows me to see through my back window. I've been
 getting a TON of compliments. I would like to thank you for the
 fast and excellent quality and service. I'll be sure to tell
 others about your site."
   Lee - Draper, UT

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