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Decal Production: How Your Decals Are Made

Ever wonder how die-cut decals are made? Look no further!

First, the decal is laid out on the computer using special
software that tells the vinyl cutter what to cut into the vinyl.
Below are the decals in preview mode on a computer monitor.

Next, the software sends the information to the vinyl cutter.
The cutter uses a very fine blade to cut the vinyl as it is
fed back and forth through the cutter from a long roll.

After the cutting is complete, the vinyl is then cut from
the roll on the machine and taken to a table where the
"weeding" and "taping" processes take place. The scrap
vinyl is carefully removed by hand leaving only the
wanted decal pieces behind.

The "weeding" process is seen here, where all tiny pieces
must be removed with special tweezers that are able to
pick up any unwanted leftovers.

Weeding is completed in the image below.

Transfer tape is applied over all the decals.
This tape holds all the pieces together and
is needed to apply the decal to a surface.

The decals are then cut individually.

The final product ready to be shipped to the customer.

Wondering how the decals are applied?
Click here for our "How-To" videos!


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