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About Our Vinyl
    We use high quality materials and a wide

array of colors and styles to suit your needs.

Our materials are rated with a 5-7 year life

expectancy. Mirror chrome is rated 2 years.

Thickness will range from 2-3mil depending on

the material. They are made with a permanent

solvent base acrylic adhesive which creates

greater adhesive capabilities. These materials

are of optimum quality and have excellent

workability and removal properties. All of

our vinyl graphics materials can be applied

to any smooth, non-porous area and offer

great surface protection against scratches.

Beware of other companies using cheap

We use only the best!

  Transfer Tape: A paper that holds the decal pieces
    together and is removed after the decal has been applied.

  Vinyl Decal: The lettering, logo or design you choose.

  Adhesive: The sticky bottom side of the decal.

  Backing Paper: Paper the vinyl will peel away from first.

See our color selection here.


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